our merchants


We assist thousands of businesses everyday with their retail credit card processing. Conducting business in a face-to-face environment, where debit or credit cards are swiped, allows you to achieve the best possible rates for those transactions.


Our partners have everything a merchant needs to receive online bill payments from their customers without needing to integrate payments directly into their own website.

Mail Order/ Telephone Order

Many businesses find it effective to accept customer payments over the phone, whether it is for a product that will be shipped to customers or for the payment of an invoice already created.


PPS serves a full menu of payment acceptance solutions for casual and fine dining establishments, as well as fast food and quick service restaurants (QSR). Every second counts when serving your customers, and PPS wants to work with you to optimize your payment acceptance solutions and your bottom line.


First class customer service keeps your guests coming back to your property and PPS can assist in making your payment transaction as clean, crisp and secure as your property.

Small Ticket Merchants

PPS knows how transaction fees can be unfavorable to businesses with average ticket sales $15 or less. As a result, we offer assistance with your merchant account setup to register you with the Card Associations to achieve a low overall effective rate for your account activity.

Large Ticket Merchants

Many businesses have the need to process payments that average over $5,000. The Card Associations have specific interchange qualifications that assist businesses in minimizing the costs of processing the transactions.

Recurring Billing

Improve your bottom line and customer service while decreasing delinquent payments with recurring billing credit card processing for property management, utility payments, government tax collections and more.

Church and Non-Profit Organizations

PPS knows the challenges involved in running a successful charitable organization: acquiring and retaining donors, managing supporter relationships, ensuring operational efficiency, while also competing with other nonprofits.


We work with healthcare facilities across the nation in streamlining electronic payment acceptance. We understand that it takes simplicity and convenience to run a practice efficiently and want to assist in providing that simplicity and convenience in accepting electronic payments.

Government and Utility

Expand your citizen’s payment options while improving your customer service and operational costs for managing collections. PPS provides tailored payment solutions that are smart and responsive to government agencies and utility companies needs.