NPC Mobile

Even small, on-the-go merchants can benefit from the stability and security of a professional point of sale device!

Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world – there are over 385 million cell phones in use across the country. NPC Mobile taps into this modern resource, putting the power of payments directly into
your merchant’s phone. By enhancing a device that they already own, merchants can easily get the payment processing power they need for their business at a fraction of the cost.

NPC Mobile is a versatile payment application with no limits:

  • Works on most smartphone operating systems.
  • Does not require a specific wireless provider to operate.
  • Dynamic application works on any smartphone.

Simply download the application to the merchant’s phone, activate their account and they are ready to begin accepting credit cards.

By itself, NPC Mobile works as a fully functioning virtual terminal for the phone.

  • Process payments with optional AVS entry.
  • Send receipts directly to a customer’s email address.
  • View transaction history and manage your payments directly from the phone.
  • Plus great features not available in a standard virtual terminal:
    • Voice 2 Text
    • Reverse phone lookup for easily inputting customer information

NPC Mobile Card Reader

Combine the application with the NPC Mobile Card Reader and you have converted the merchant’s phone into a practical point of sale device, perfect for small businesses that want the ability to process credit card transactions securely and cost effectively but don’t have room in their budget for a costly wireless terminal.

  • Decreases the amount of time spent processing transactions.
  • Saves money on processing costs by swiping the customer’s card.
  • The reader is compatible with any smartphone that has a headphone jack.


Target Markets: On-the-Go Merchants

  • Merchants that do business remotely
  • Merchants that do business in the customer’s home
  • Merchants that do business in the customer’s home


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