business funding

We can arrange for a cash advance to be loaned to you by one of our affiliates.

We understand that, during the course of business, cash flow can be tight. Sometimes, things happen that require a significant amount of capital that you may not be ready for. This is why we designed a program to loan funding to businesses whom need it the most!

There is no interest rate.

It’s an advance, not a loan. We charge a one-time flat fee. The way it works is we give you an advance based on your Visa/MasterCard business-and we charge a one time fee. The way you pay us back is we take a small percentage of your V/MC transactions, until your balance with us is settled. That’s it. For example, if we gave you 10k and were taking 15% of your Visa/MasterCard transactions, every time a customer swipes their card for $100, 15% (or $15 in that case) would come to us until your account was settled. The good thing is that if you have a slow month of business, you’re not penalized. Your balance that we quote up front never gets higher.

Your fee is determined by your business.

We understand that all businesses are unique. That’s why we require the last 4 consecutive months of your Visa/MasterCard statements to run a quote. Once received, we will contact you with the amount we can get you and the exact cost to you. Then you’ll be able to make a decision on your business’ future.

There are no fixed payments.

The great thing about an advance is that there are no fixed payments. We simply receive an agreed upon percentage of your Visa/MasterCard sales until the advance has been paid. For example, if our daily percentage is 15% and you make a $100 V/MC sale, we get $15.00 from that sale. This simple process is repeated until the balance is paid. This is usually within 6 to 8 months. Do you have your last 4 months of V/MC statements?

Your qualified amount is determined by your business.

We determine the amount we can offer you based upon the average of your last 4 V/MC statements. Once you send us your statements, we will call you with an specific offer and we can get your advance started. It’s that easy!

Your credit report is not affected.

For most small businesses, the owner’s credit history helps in the evaluation process, however, your credit report is not affected and we have a business friendly scoring model that takes your business history into account, not just your credit score.

Get started today.

First thing is to send us the last 4 consecutive months of your Visa/MasterCard statements. This requirement is to help us evaluate how much we can offer. Once we get the statements, we will call you back with exactly how much we can get you and what the cost will be. Then we’ll set you up. Remember, we get the cash to you in 7 to 10 business days, so the sooner you get us the statements the faster we get you the cash. Also remember that 92% of our applicants are approved so this should be a smooth process