Processing Checks

The PPS Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) program focuses on providing merchants the check products they need to make check acceptance safe, secure and easy to integrate into their current processes.

POS Conversion with Guarantee

POS Conversion (formerly eGold and eSilver) is a Point of Sale conversion of a paper check, where the ABA routing number, account number and check number are captured by the check reader and sent through the ACH network in place of the original paper item.

  • Faster funding through the ACH system
  • 2-day return notification so you can catch NSF items much more quickly

Designed primarily to process personal checks, ACH conversion allows you to process and return the paper check to the consumer, while they sign a receipt, just like a card transaction.

POS Conversion with Verification

Electronic conversion of the check at the point of sale for personal checks and corporate checks without an aux on us field.

  • Processing through the ACH network
  • Verification runs account and driver’s license numbers against multiple national databases
  • NSF Guarantee
  • Disupute protection option

By Phone or Web

  • Browser-based application—no terminal necessary
  • Phone or written authorization entered by CSR through NPC Secure
  • Optional voice recording service available
  • Recurring payment support