referral partner program

Hosting companies, webmasters and designers are often called upon by their clients to recommend a merchant account provider to handle their credit card processing and shopping cart needs. PPS has been assisting businesses with locating merchant account and payment gateway providers for the past 10 years. A large portion of our business is generated from referrals from hosting companies, associations, software companies, webmasters and designers – who, in exchange for referring their clients to us and our recommended providers, receive monthly residual income based upon their clients credit card processing activity.

Benefits of Being a PPS Partner:

Most merchant account referral or affiliate programs offer the referring website owner a one-time payment, usually in the range of $35 to $100 per referred merchant.PPS is different. PPS’s partner program pays its referral partners a monthly revenue-share residual payment, calculated as percentage (%) of the revenue that PPS receives that month from the merchant’s credit card processing activity.

PPS pays you monthly for residual payments we have received in the prior month from your clients’ processing. You’ll continue to receive a monthly residual payment as long as the merchant processes through PPS recommended provider, which in the majority of cases, is many years. Many of our partners have found this to be a valuable income stream for their business and a great service for their clients. Or if you would prefer to receive an upfront referral fee rather than an ongoing residual payment, we’re open to that as well.